The ancient ‘Iulia Augusta road runs through the Valley of the Bridges, to get to us all you have to do is follow the sign posts to ‘via Iulia Augusta which can be found along the Aurelia in Finale Ligure Marina. There are about 4km of asphalt road and the last, circa 900m is dirt track.


Here is the right address for your Google Map: 
“Antica Via Julia Augusta, Finale Ligure” or insert “Agriturismo Valleponci Finale ligure”

Geographical targeting: latitudine: 44.2000665776800000 – longitudine: 8.3660781383500000

Società Agricola Valleponci
Loc. Verzi, Val Ponci, 22 – 17024 Finale Ligure (SV)

tel. +39 019 9246619
mob. +39 329 3154169

tel. +39 019 9246619 – mob. +39 329 3154169 –