Welcome to Valleponci

In the immediate hinterland of Finale Ligure, about 4 kilometres from the sea, an extraordinary valley, remained almost intact over the centuries, opens unexpectedly.
Crossed by the ancient Via Iulia Augusta with its 5 Roman bridges and dominated by the imposing Rocca di Corno, Valle Ponci is ideal for bikers, climbers, nature lovers, and for all those looking for a place to relax, stroll, enjoy the real Ligurian cuisine, and taste the excellent local wines.

Valleponci Farmhouse: faraway from the common places, just 10 minutes from the sea.

What to do this month in Finale Ligure.

Founded in 2000, the Valleponci Agricultural Company operates on about 50 hectares of land (including at least 30 hectares of woods) recovered after more than 25 years of total abandonment.

Today it boasts a newly planted vineyard capable of producing 15,000 bottles of doc and igt wines per year; then orchards, a vegetable garden, an agritourism with rooms and restaurant, and many other projects for the tomorrow…

Giorgio, Paola and Daniela: 3 friends who come from completely unrelated professional experience (advertising, journalism, fashion), and now devote themselves body and soul to the countryside and to the activities of the company.

Giorgio takes care of the vegetables garden, orchards, vineyards and winemaking (but can also be found in the restaurant).

Daniela and Paola welcome guests and manage the kitchen. They make bread,  pull  fresh pasta with a rolling pin, prepare stuffed, study new combinations of flavors, explore new territories …